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We are a small, self-funded team who has put well over a decade of research, development, and experience into Typetura. The core idea of intrinsic typography is not restricted, and tools like FitText and FlowType have some of the earliest implementations of the underlying concepts. We protect the intellectual property (IP) around how we apply of intrinsic typography. This includes interface and distribution concepts that are key to our success and enable us to compete with much larger companies.

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Dynamic Typesetting

Patent US10769348B1

This protects the packaging, distribution, and delivery of intrinsic typography

This protects the distribution of packaged typography that can adapt to any layout. You are free to develop typographic systems for your website, theme, or design system, but if you are distributing intrinsic typographic systems to other websites, themes, or design systems you are at risk of infringing on this pending patent.

Fluid Design Keyframes

Patent US10592087B1

This protects the keyframe style interface applied to fluid artboards

For we developed a new way to design for fluid media where points are placed on a spacial timeline and interpolated.

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